Hoku Hu

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Big Brothers and Big Sisters

There are little brothers and little sisters in this world who need a hand, a smile, an olive branch.Click on the B to link to see how you can help with time, love, and malama our island's youth.

Contribute to the Kimokeo Foundation

Revival of the Aloha Spirit, taking care of our beloved aina, continuing the life and purity of our Hawai'ian Culture and Roots, Click on the Kimokeo Foundation to find inspiration, to unite in a great cause.

St Anthony of Padua Catholic School

Christian education starts at home, but supporting families to be brought up having Jesus in their hearts will ensure that they are never alone, that they can always fall back on the words and teachings of his Majesty Christ Our Lord..

MINIT Medical

Choosing the right care and patient advocacy can ensure your wellbeing and that of those you love.Mom was a big supporter of proper care and selectively chose her physicians.Minit Medical was her last employer and has a great group of doctors for various needs.